Parshas Toldos

Avos Ubanim Winter Schedule

Bli ayin horah Avos Ubanim is an off to an amazing start with over 120 fathers and sons coming to learn.

Friday Night: 7:30pm-830pm learning, 8:00pm-815pm Cholent

Motzei Shabbos: 6:40pm- 7:10pm learning, 7:10pm-7:25pm Melava Malkah.


New Sunday Early Afternoon Mincha Minyan

There is now a new Mincha minyan on Sundays at 12:35pm.


Starting this Friday night we will be having a short, 5 minute, dvar Torah on the Parsha after Kabbalas Shabbos, before Maariv; given each week by a different mispallel of the Bais Medrash. This week’s dvar Torah will be given by R’ Nesanel Davis.


Shabbos Schedule

Friday Night

Shabbos Day

Hadlakas Neiros- 4:08pm

Sof Zman K”S- 9:05am

Mincha- 4:18pm

Shacharis- 9:15am

Avos Ubanim- 7:30pm

Mincha- 4:07pm


Maariv #1- 5:12pm


Maariv #2- 5:22pm


Rabeinu Tam- 5:39pm


Avos Ubanim- 6:40pm























Kiddush this week is available for sponsorship.

Last week Kiddush was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs Yosef Helman in honor of their move to Chicago. We wish them much bracha and hatzlacha on their move.

Shalosh Seudos

Shalosh Seudos is co-sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Davis in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Simcha Boruch Davis, and l’ilui nishmas their mother Rebbetzin Buma Davis a”h .אסתר בלומה בת הרב שרגא משה ע"ה

And by Mr. and Mrs. Yackov Aryeh and Mr. Gabi Schultz for the yahrtzeit of their father, R’ Mordechai Eliezer Ben Yackov.


Mazel Tov

Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Davis on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Simcha Baruch. Mazel Tov to the grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Davis, and Rabbi and Mrs. Peretz and Chaya Steinberg.


Mazel Tov

Rabbi and Mrs. Elisha Klausner on engagement of their son, Yitzchok Dovid Chaim, to Chana Ludmir of Beitar Illit.


Mazel Tov

Mr. and Mrs. Boaz Kohn on the birth of a son. Mazel Tov to the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kohn. The shalom zachor will be at Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Kohn’s house, 6521 N. Trumbull, starting at 7pm.

Mazel Tov

Mr. and Mrs. Yoseph Osina on the birth of a grandson to Rabbi and Mrs. Meir Osina of Lakewood, and the birth of a grandson to Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Eichenthal of Beitar Illit.



Weekday Shacharis Schedule

Sunday                                               Weekdays (Mon. and Thurs. starts 5 min. earlier)


Shacharis #1- 7:45 am

Shacharis #2- 8:15 am

Shacharis #3- 8:45 am

Shacharis #4- 9:15 am



Shacharis #1- 6:45 am

Shacharis #2- 7:15 am

Shacharis #3- 7:45 am

Shacharis #4- 8:15 am

Shacharis #5- 9:00 am


For the next 2 weeks there will not be a 9:45am Shacharis minyan on Sunday. The 9:45am Minyan will resume on Sunday, December 3rd.



Mincha Schedule

Early Mincha- Sun- 12:35pm 

Mincha/Maariv- Sun- 4:17pm  Mon- 4:16pm Tues- 4:15pm  Wedn- 4:15pm  Thurs- 4:14pm   

Maariv #2- 9:30pm 



Daf Yomi:

דף יומי א': from 7:30-8:10 (S-F) given by Rabbi Yehoshua Pinkus

דף יומי ב': from 8:45-9:30 pm (S-Th) Rabbi Aryeh Bassman

Shiurim & Chaburos:

כולל בוקר:- 6:00-6:45, 6:30-7:15, 8:30-9:00am (M-F) (Rabbi Yisroel Meir Butrimovitz)

מסכת ברכות: 7:30-8:05am (M-F) (Rabbi Chaim Rajchenbach)

חובות הלבבות: (Rabbi Hershy Weingarten) after Mincha - Maariv on Sunday and Thursday

כולל ערב: 8:20-9:30pm (M-Th) (Rabbi Avrohom Lipschutz) Learning Chulin, 1st Perek.

Wed, November 22 2017 4 Kislev 5778