Parshas   Tetzaveh


פרשת תצוה –זכר תשע"ח

Purim Mesiba

Purim is one of the yearly highlights. We are looking forward to a very enjoyable Purim Mesiba, where the whole family celebrates Purim together. If you are interested in participating in sponsoring the Purim Mesiba please see any of the Shul gaboim or Rabbi Shmuel Zimmerman.


Shabbos Schedule

Friday Night

Shabbos Day

Hadlakas Neiros- 5:14pm

Sof Zman K”S- 9:19am

Mincha- 5:24pm

Shacharis- 9:10am


Mincha- 5:15pm


Maariv #1- 6:20pm


Maariv #2- 6:30pm


Rabeinu Tam- 6:47pm


Avos Ubanim- 7:15pm























Kiddush this week is sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Hershy Weingarten in honor of the aufruf of their son, Dovid.


Mazel Tov

Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Meir Butrimovitz on the birth of a boy. The Shalom Zachor will be at his home 6157 N. Monticello Ave. The Bris will be on Tuesday at Yeshivas Meor Hatorah, Shacharis at 7:45 am.


Mr. and Mrs. Yanky Grunfeld on the birth of a boy. Mazel tov to the grandparents, Rabbi and Mrs. Yale Ray. Shalom Zachor will be at the home of Rabbi and Mrs. Yale Ray 6340 N Lawndale after 8:00pm. Bris will be this Sunday in Shul after the 8:15am minyan.


Mr. and Mrs. Shraga Jeremias on the birth of a granddaughter to their son Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Jeremias of Lakewood.



Rabbi and Mrs. Hershy Weingarten and Mrs. Rochel Weingarten on the aufruf of their son, Dovid. Mazel tov to the grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Kohn.


Mr. and Mrs. Yitzy Weiss on the engagement of their daughter Bruchie to Yitzy Herbst of Monsey, NY.


Avos Ubanim

Yasher koach on a very successful Friday night Avos Ubanim this winter. Thank you to Rabbi Naftali Chayn for leading once again this year. With the Shabbos getting later, there will not be Avos Ubanim on Friday nights for the rest of the year. Motzei Shabbos Avos Ubanim will be at 7:15pm.


Weekday Shacharis Schedule


* See Purim schedule for Purim day Shacharis times




Shacharis #1- 7:45am

Shacharis #1- 6:45am

Shacharis #2- 8:15am

Shacharis #2- 7:15am

Shacharis #3- 8:45am

Shacharis #3- 7:45am

Shacharis #4- 9:15am

Shacharis #4- 8:15am

Shacharis #5- 9:45am

Shacharis #5- 9:00am



Mincha/Maariv Schedule






Mincha #1- 12:35pm


Monday- 5:27pm

Tuesday- 5:28pm

Wednesday- 5:20pm

Thursday-12:35, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00pm

Mincha/Maariv- 5:26pm

Maariv #2- 9:30pm


Maariv #2- 8:15pm


Maariv #3- 9:30pm


Daf Yomi:

דף יומי א: from 7:30-8:10 (S-F) given by Rabbi Yehoshua Pinkus

דף יומי ב: from 8:45-9:30 pm (S-Th) Rabbi Aryeh Bassman

Shiurim & Chaburos:

כולל בוקר:- 6:00-6:45, 6:30-7:15, 8:30-9:00am (M-F) (Rabbi Yisroel Meir Butrimovitz)

מסכת עבודה זרה: 7:30-8:05am (M-F) (Rabbi Chaim Rajchenbach)

חובות הלבבות: (Rabbi Hershy Weingarten) after Mincha - Maariv on Sunday and Thursday

כולל ערב: 8:20-9:30pm (M-Th) (Rabbi Avrohom Lipschutz) Learning Chulin, 1st Perek.

Sun, February 25 2018 10 Adar 5778