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Parshas   Matos-Masei

פרשת מטות-מסעי תשע"ח               


Shabbos Schedule

Friday night

Shabbos Day

1st Mincha- 6:38pm

Sof Zman K”S- 9:12am

Plag- 6:53pm

Shacharis- 9:10am

2nd Mincha- 7:00pm

Early Mincha- 6:15pm

Hadlakos Neiros- 8:06pm

Avos Ubanim- 6:35pm

3rd Mincha- 8:16pm

Mincha- 8:05pm


Maariv#1-9:10pm Maariv #2-9:20pm


R”T- 9:37pm























Kiddush and Shalosh Seudos


This week kiddush is available for sponsorship.


Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Yitzy Weiss רבקה בת מאיר לע"נ.


Tisha B’av Shailos


This week there will be an opportunity to ask a Rov and a doctor shailos about fasting on Tisha B’av. From 8:00- 9:00pm call in at (773) 596- 2030. Tuesday- Rabbi Zev Cohen, Wednesday- the Rov, Thursday- Rabbi Dovid Zucker. This is a project of Refuah311 of the Chicago Center of Torah and Chesed.


Coffee Sponsorship


Yasher koach to Mr. and Mrs. Simi Mandelbaum for sponsoring the coffee this week לע"נ

הבחור ראובן בן ר' צבי פינחס הכהן ז"ל.

This past week close to 1,000 cups of coffee were made on our new machine (בלע"ה there is a lot of traffic from people coming to learn and daven in Shul)!

There will now be the opportunity to have the zchus of being mehana so many Yiddin for $180.

To reserve a week of sponsorship please see any of the Shul gaboim.


Mazel Tov


Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Yoel Reifer on the birth of a daughter. Mazel Tov to the grandparents, Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Reifer.


Sunday Early Mincha


Sunday early Mincha will be continuing throughout the summer, this week at 1:34pm.


Shabbos Girls Groups


Girls groups will iy”H be continuing this week, starting 9:30am.


Weekday Shacharis Schedule




Shacharis #1- 6:45am (M-F)

Main Bais Medrash

Shacharis #2- 7:15am (M-F)

Upstairs Bais Medrash

Shacharis #3- 7:45am (S-F)

Back Bais Medrash

Shacharis #4- 8:15am (S-F)

Main Bais Medrash

Shacharis #5- 8:45am (S-F)

Back Bais Medrash

Shacharis #6- 9:15am (S-F)

Main Bais Medrash

Shacharis #7- 9:45am (S)

Back Bais Medrash

Mondays and Thursdays start 5 minutes earlier. Rosh Chodesh starts 10 minutes earlier



Mincha/Maariv Schedule





Mincha #1- 1:34pm


Monday- 8:14pm

Tuesday- 8:14pm

Wednesday- 8:13pm

Thursday- 8:12pm

Mincha/Maariv- 8:15pm


Maariv #2- 9:30pm

Maariv #3- 9:30pm


דף יומי א: from 7:30-8:10 (S-F) given by Rabbi Yehoshua Pinkus

דף יומי ב: from 8:45-9:30 pm (S-Th) Rabbi Aryeh Bassman

כולל בוקר:- 6:00-6:45, 6:30-7:15, 8:30-9:00am (M-F) (Rabbi Yisroel Meir Butrimovitz)

מסכת הוריות: 7:30-8:05am (M-F) (Rabbi Chaim Rajchenbach)

חובות הלבבות: (Rabbi Hershy Weingarten) after Mincha - Maariv on Sunday and Thursday

כולל ערב: 8:20-9:30pm (M-Th) (Rabbi Avrohom Lipschutz) Learning Chulin.

Fri, July 20 2018 8 Av 5778