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Parshas Beshalach 


 פרשת בשלח תשע"ט  


Shabbos Schedule

Friday Night

Shabbos Day

Hadlakas Neiros- 4:28pm

Shacharis- 9:10am

Mincha- 4:38pm

Sof Zman K”S- 9:38am

Avos Ubanim- 7:30pm

Mincha- 4:28pm


Maariv #1- 5:34pm


Maariv #2- 5:44pm


Rabeinu Tam- 6:01pm


Avos Ubanim- 6:45pm



















Kiddush this week is available for sponsorship.


Children Groups

Girls groups begin at 9:30am in the classroom.

Boys groups will be in the back bais medrash beginning at 10:00am.


Shalosh Seudos

Shalosh Seudos this week is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Lesser for the yahrtzeit of his mother a”h.


Mazel Tov

Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Schnell on the recent marriage of their son, Dovi, to Avigail Herzka.



Weekday Shacharis Schedule




Shacharis #1- 6:45am (M-F)

Main Bais Medrash

Shacharis #2- 7:15am (M-F)


Shacharis #3- 7:45am (S-F)

Back Bais Medrash

Shacharis #4- 8:15am (S-F)

Main Bais Medrash

Shacharis #5- 8:45am (S-F)

Back Bais Medrash

Shacharis #6- 9:15am (S-F)

Main Bais Medrash

Shacharis #7- 9:45am (S)

Back Bais Medrash

Mon and Thurs start 5 min earlier. Rosh Chodesh starts 10 min earlier



Mincha/Maariv Schedule





Mincha #1- 12:30pm

Mincha/ Maariv- 4:32pm


Monday- 4:33pm

Tuesday- 4:35pm

Wednesday- 4:36pm

Thursday- 4:37pm

Maariv #2- 9:30pm

Maariv #2- 9:30pm










Learning Opportunities

דף יומי א: from 7:30-8:10 (S-F)

given by Rabbi Yehoshua Pinkus

דף יומי ב: from 8:45-9:30 pm (S-Th) Rabbi Aryeh Bassman

כולל בוקר:- 6:00-6:45, 6:30-7:15, 8:30-9:00am (M-F) (Rabbi Yisroel Meir Butrimovitz)

מסכת קידושין: 7:30-8:05am (M-F) (Rabbi Chaim Rajchenbach)

כולל ערב: 8:20-9:30pm (M-Th) (Rabbi Avrohom Lipschutz) Learning Chulin.

Sat, January 19 2019 13 Shevat 5779